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Gain control and visibility of spend.

iDocuments provides your business with a powerful, flexible and integrated purchasing solution that streamlines, automates and simplifies the entire purchase to pay process.

Real-time budget and compliance checks

iDocuments automatically checks that the requested spend is within budget. If the spend on a purchase order is outside the approved budget, a request can be automatically routed to the correct person for authorisation.

Accurate commitment and accrual reporting

The receipting process can be defined for goods and services, allowing iDocuments to automatically accrue the correct liability. These receipts are used as part of the automated AP invoice 3-way matching process when the supplier’s invoice is received.

On-contract spend and use of approved suppliers

iDocuments Procurement Catalogue enables your procurement team to control and manage purchasing.

Accounting system integration and financial reporting

iDocuments integrates with your existing ERP or accounting system to ensure seamless flow of data and consistency of information. This includes mapping of suppliers, chart of accounts, currencies, exchange rates and analysis fields. Analysis rules can be mapped to those in your finance system to ensure accurate financial reporting by, for example, cost centre and project.

Supplier onboarding and verification

New supplier requests can be submitted by users and routed through pre-defined approval workflows, enabling you to carry out the necessary verification and checks.

Contract Management

iDocuments allows you to set up and manage recurring service and maintenance contracts.


Benefits of iDocuments Purchasing:

  • Automate and streamline approvals
  • Ensure correct authorisations are applied with a flexible workflow engine
  • Perform real-time budget checks and out-of-budget workflows
  • Ensure compliance with your business’ policies
  • Ensure on-contract spend and use of approved suppliers
  • Establish recurring purchase contracts such as maintenance, support and framework agreements
  • Enjoy an easy-to-use PO wizard for user submission of requisitions and orders
  • Simplify supplier on-boarding and verification 
  • Get KPI analysis and reporting for real-time control and management information

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