Complete Planning, Control and Visibility for Project-Driven Companies

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What is e2o?

Engineer to Order, or e2o, is an integrated project management and budgeting solution designed specifically for small to midsized project-centric companies and is sold exclusively by Vision33.

This comprehensive solution aligns all areas of project management including planning, budgeting, quoting and estimating, material and capacity planning and time and material tracking. These industry-specific features are built in to core business management functions that join with production, inventory, accounting, CRM, sales and service management to provide an end to end tool for project-centric businesses.


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This PDF brochure provides an overview of e2o including:

  • e2o features for project management
  • e2o benefits for project management
  • Step-by-step information on using e2o

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Core Features of e2o

Whether you are project-based company that is planning to grow their business or you’re just looking for a tool that gives you complete visibility over all your projects, e2o has all the features that project-based companies need.

Project planning

Full scope and resource visibility

Integrated resource, material and capacity planning

Improve delivery reliability

Quotation control and sales

Generate quotations fast

Milestone and activity-based billing

Accelerate incoming payments

Time registration

Real-time project progress

Procurement and stock

Optimise WIP

Financial reporting

Increase project margins


Forecast customer demand

e2o Benefits for Project Management:

Fast estimating

Create new projects from templates or by copying prior projects. Quickly develop a cost budget and selling price.

Accurate budget vs. actual

Labour and material costs are accurately and quickly reflected in every project.

Gantt chart for project planning

Plan your new project with a real-time interactive Gantt chart showing all constraints and dependencies, combined with material requirements, labour, milestones, invoicing and delivery dates.

Capacity planning of departments, labour and machines

Customise your departments, labour and machines to display your real-time capacity. Overlay your project plan with your department capacity to ensure you have resources available.

Accurate available-to-promise

Project planning integrated with capacity planning so available-to-promise can be quickly and reliably determined.

Optimised WIP with just-in-time material planning

Schedule material requirements to specific activities and phases of the project plan. Purchase and production can be ordered just in time.

Improvement of delivery reliability

The integrated resource and material planning guarantees on-time deliveries, so that your customers can rely on your company.

Increasing project margins

Accurate estimating, real-time visibility into costs, combined with integrated project and capacity planning ensures that project margins remain healthy and variances can be quickly identified.

Accelerate incoming payments by using invoicing schemas

Schedule invoicing to coincide with the completion of a project phase or activity. Down payments, time and materials, or percentage of completion invoicing.

Real-time project progress

With the mobile time, material and cost app, employees can directly enter all relevant information in the system. Now you have real-time insight into your project progress and can directly see where the project needs some extra attention.

Improved Project Quality

Creating projects from templates reinforces best practices. Copy prior projects for continuous improvement. Accurate project and capacity planning ensure projects are well managed, on-time and profitable.

Less risk and less stress

Better visibility and coordination between planning, materials and resources, your projects will be better managed, leading to less risk and a more organised work environment.