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Loyalty programs to Engage & Retain customers

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Getting customers to come to your stores and shop is one thing, ensuring they come back again for repeat business is a different challenge. Customers have no shortage of options for purchasing, and it is more important than ever before to acknowledge your customer for the business they do with you. Equally important is to monetise the gratitude and reward they for the business they do transact with you.

iVend Loyalty is a points and rewards management application, designed to significantly improve customer retention by bringing them continuously back and improving customer satisfaction levels. iVend Loyalty is seamlessly integrated with iVend Retail and can integrate with any Business Management or Retail application using its APIs.

Develop that relationship

Whether a small business or large each customer counts, loyalty programmes help cement relationships with your customers. It is possible to retain a one-time purchaser, a regular customer or even the window shopper who wanders in by offering a financial benefit. Socially, they all have the potential to spread word about the business to their friends, family and online networks and become loyal customers.

Get more Sales with your Rewards Program

Loyalty programmes encourage people to buy and then repeat the purchase. Customers like to be rewarded for their loyalty — especially if the rewards programmes offers them a significant savings or discount. Incorporating rewards programmes that connect to customers socially puts additional focus on the business, thereby increasing the potential for new customers.

Recognition is the key – Acknowledge the Customer with instant gratification.

iVend loyalty programmes help in setting up exclusive level definitions for various customer categories like Silver, Gold & Platinum

Ability to track and monitor shopping habits

The most valuable aspect of iVend Loyalty is that it provides you the ability to identify individual customers and to measure and understand their buying patterns. This behavioural trend far outweighs the “currency” value of providing consumers with rewards for shopping at any retail store.

The shopping behavioural intelligence of loyalty programme can provide youmany innovative ways to tailor new promotional activities with focused and targeted campaigns. Your customer loyalty programme can become an ingenious marketing tool that makes a memorable statement about a Retail business.

Auto Detect Operation Modes

iVend Loyalty is designed to work in online mode with different POS solutions. Each POS is connected with iVend Loyalty enterprise through the Internet. This ensures data integrity of loyalty points on real time basis across stores. However, when connectivity is not available it can processes the transactions locally and points are awarded and redemptions are recorded after iVend Enterprise synchronises with the Loyalty enterprise after replication of store transaction at iVend Home Office Enterprise Server. In case of integration with any other POS system, synchronisation method can be defined by POS system using iVend Loyalty APIs.

Multiple Registration Modes

Registration of Loyalty Points can be configured in three modes. It can be either attached to a:

  • Customer ID
  • Loyalty Card
  • Loyalty Card Attached to a Customer ID

Flexible Card Number Management and Allocation

Card Number generation is possible using either:

  • Pre-Printed Loyalty Cards
  • System Generated Card Numbers: Creation of custom number schemes and generation of bulk numbers for distribution is offline mode is also provided in this mode.

Allocation of card numbers and number series to different stores is based on the mode of operation. When in online mode, the numbers are issued in real time to the requesting POS while when in offline mode the distribution can be configured based on a combination of Store Codes and Store Group Codes.

User Defined Loyalty Schemes

This feature allows definition of many combinations of criteria and user defined rules to configure and running multiple Loyalty Schemes. The heart of the application has the following features:

  • Many Criterion combinations such as Customer Group, Item Group, Item, Promotion Scheme, Layaway Plan etc.
  • Definition of Loyalty Points based on Quantity and Value with the ability to mark certain selections as exempt from the scheme
  • Ability to include all possible criteria combinations using an “All” option
  • Comprehensive Exclusion Rules that exclude items with Discount Overrides or Items marked as Promotional or items on Layaway etc.
  • Possibility of running multiple schemes at any given point in time with the ability of Versioning each scheme
  • Award of Loyalty Points based on Conflict Resolution rules and Hierarchal Fallback of Criteria Groups
  • Detailed Audit Trails for all Scheme modifications within the system and much more

Level Based Redemption of Points

All registered Loyalty Customers fall in one of the many user defined levels that is the basis for redemption of Loyalty Points. Some useful features of level based Redemption are:

  • User Defined Levels e.g. Silver, Gold and Bronze
  • Different Points-to-Currency conversion ratio for each level
  • Different redemption percentage against an invoiced amount for each level
  • Different threshold limits and rules for upgrade to the next level or downgrade to a level below
  • Level versioning rules
  • Current Level and Fallback based redemption methods where the first allows for redemption of points by calculating points based on the current level of the user while the latter begins with the current level and iterates the next lower slab definitions when the threshold limit is exhausted

Rewards Management

This feature allows the functional administrator to manage the Loyalty Rewards in an effective manner. It is possible to award both points and currency to the loyalty customer simultaneously from multiple and simultaneous active plans. This module provides the features such as:

  • Award and redemption of points and currency in a hybrid configuration.
  • Points Journal that displays the minutest of details pertaining to award and redemption of points by a customer
  • Loyalty Point Aging provides a time frame based aging of earned points either on the Customer Group, Customer ID or a Loyalty Card Number
  • Loyalty Customer Status provides a flexible mechanism of upgrading or downgrading the status of a customer either in an automatically configured or a Manually Batch Process based manner.

Loyalty Dashboard

Points Expiry Setup

Email SMS Template

Loyalty Adjustment Journal

Loyalty Card Transfer

Loyalty Level

Loyalty Plan

Loyalty Reports

Loyalty Special Days

How Does It Work

Building a strong and loyal community is among the top priorities of all retail businesses. The most popular and effective way of doing so is by recognising and rewarding the consumer for his business. The fundamental objective of retailers has always remained the same: to gain complete customer confidence and never let them look for alternatives. This video explains how retailers can reward, engage and retain their customers. Retailers utilising iVend Loyalty and its seamless integration into all the complementary applications of iVend Retail Management Suite have gained significant benefits in customer retention and increasing their revenues.

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