Retail for SAP Business One Terminal POS

Retail for SAP Business One
Terminal POS

iVend Terminal POS


iVend POS enhances the in-store shopping experience with a powerful & fully-integrated retail management system. Available on terminal / mobile devices, its multi-store, multi-user, e-commerce, loyalty-ready abilities makes retailers engage with shoppers to a new level.

Terminal POS is the traditional POS application packed with multitude of features and is the execution point for configurations done at the HeadOffice which include pricing, discounts, promotions, tender types, layaways, and returns. It’s easy to use intuitive user interface and can be operated using a touch screen or keyboard.

Merchandise Hierarchy

A Merchandise Hierarchy is a reporting structure under which sales and inventories of products are tracked and managed. The function of the merchandise hierarchy is to categorise products into manageable levels for effective planning and reporting. Merchandise hierarchy has multiple levels with the highest level providing an overall enterprise view and then narrowing down to families or classes of products.

Merchandise Hierarchy in iVend Retail allows to:

  • Define multiple Merchandise Hierarchies in the system
  • Attach more than one Merchandise Hierarchy to individual products
  • Top down reporting at all Merchandise Hierarchy levels

Replenishment Planning

Executing Replenishment Planning process generates stock movement recommendations to replenish warehouses or stores by purchase orders or stock transfers.

Replenishment Planning calculates gross requirements based on In-Stock Quantity, Open Sales Orders, Open Purchase Orders, Forecasts, Stock Transfer Shipments, Stock Transfer Requests, etc. The Replenishment Planning also takes into account predefined planning parameters such as Minimum Inventory, Minimum Order Quantity and the Lead Time.

Sales Forecasting

A central activity in any retail organisation, sales forecast enables the retailer to take informed business decisions regarding inventory, cash flow or plan for growth. Forecasting in iVend Retail provides a wide range of forecasting models with an automatic “best pick” option. Forecasts can be generated based on product, product group, product categories and merchandise hierarchy. Furthermore the forecast can be consumed in Replenishment Planning calculations.

iVend Dashboards

iVend Dashboard Designer allows creation of fully interactive business intelligence dashboards for iVend users. iVend Dashboards include a completely optimised drag and drop feature for faster creation of dashboards. These dashboards created can either be viewed from within iVend Management Console or viewed in any standard browser using the iVend web viewer. With iVend Dashboards, interactive drill down reports can also be created which can be viewed using a web browser.

Inventory Control to Avert Stock-Outs

iVend Retail delivers complete visibility across retail chain. POS operators can view entire stock across stores or at the main warehouse/distribution centre at the POS. In the unlikely event of stock outs, POS operators can put items on order and fulfill them from other stores or at a later date by replenishing stock from the distribution centre.

Replenishment Planning

  • Available for execution at Store or at the Enterprise
  • Generate recommendations for stock transfer or purchase orders
  • Takes into consideration
    Minimum level | Order multiple | Lead time | Replenishment sources | Pack size/UOM

Sales Forecasting

  • Sales Forecasting model with automatic “best pick” option
  • Sales Forecasting can be consumed in replenishment planning
  • Generate forecasts based on

Product | Product group | Product categories | Merchandise hierarchy

Merchandise Hierarchy

  • Logically group items into a merchandise hierarchy for effective planning
  • Define upto 15 hierarchical levels in an hierarchy


  • Fully interactive business intelligence dashboards
  • Drag & drop feature to create dashboards in record time
  • Can be viewed from iVend management console/ any standard browser using the iVend web viewer

Inventory Management

  • Setup Product database for standard, serialised, batch managed, kit, assembly and non-inventory items
  • Items can be marked as non-refundable
  • Inventory control for serial and batch managed items based on expiry date
  • Define Open Items which can be used with price override
  • Create, manage, build and break down kits at individual stores
  • Store and track offline inventory
  • Create and manage assemblies at individual stores
  • Data Optimisation
  • Unit of Measurement and Multiple UOM
  • Data Purge store wise
  • Barcode Masking

Flexible Promotion Setup

Tax Condition

Transaction Type

Configurable Discount Resolution Setup

Customer Information

Inventory Counting

iVend Promotions 1

iVend-Promotions 2

Line Item Information

How Does It Work

In today’s competitive marketplace a retailer must adopt strategies to enhance end consumer experience.

The question arises how? What Retailers need today?

Delivering Superior customer experience is a key focus area for most retailers, as they look for innovative solutions and ways to address their customer service needs. A retailer must adopt a system which is Scalable, Integrated, Available, Mobile and Secure. The video here emphasises on the technology differentiators that a retailer must keep in mind before zeroing down a Retail solution.

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