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All-in-One Beverage Management Software That Will Uplevel How You Operate

Brutos - Automate Your Brewery


Brutos by Vision33 is easy-to-use beverage management software that helps brewers and distillers increase operational efficiency and gain 360-degree visibility into their business. 

Harnessing the power of SAP Business One, Brutos unites data from across your business by combining front- and back-office functions, such as accounting, sales, production, packaging, brand management, inventory, and warehousing in a single cloud-based solution with anytime, anywhere access. Only from Vision33.



Dashboards, Reporting
& Analytics


Brutos Brand Master for Brewery
  • Create, manage, and define brands that differentiate your business 
  • View and manage brand elements from a single screen including process stages, warehouse, pack types, batch size, and bill of materials 
  • Define production processes, quality assurance specifications, packaging types, and more 
  • Automatically generate items, BOMs and packaging items needed for production 
  • Manage and track individual batch attributes with BOM versioning

Dashboards, Reporting
& Analytics

Dashboards, Reporting & Analytics
  • Gain real-time visibility into your business with dashboards, pre-configured reports, and robust analytics 
  • Use unified, accurate data from across your business to make faster, more informed decisions and improve operational efficiency 
  • Quickly generate TTB, EX46, or other excise reports from recorded taxable transactions 
  • Get answers to critical questions in minutes, not days


End-To-End Traceability
  • Track every aspect of your product from raw ingredients to packaging and finished goods across the complex global supply chain 
  • Comply with strict industry standards and be prepared for audits, inspections, and recalls 
  • Drill into any inventory item to see on hand amounts, status, cost and traceability aspects 
  • Generate full traceability or recall reports any time by date range for ingredients or specific lots of production, including what was shipped to customers.


Production Master
  • Streamline the production process from concept to can 
  • Quickly create a series of linked production orders, known as the master production order, for the the entire brewing process 
  • Manage production details from a single screen including warehouse, tanks, start dates, production volume, and more


Packaging Master
  • Quickly create and release packaging orders in a few simple clicks and automate the packaging process 
  • Distribute production volume between alternative pack types to meet sales forecasts and reduce waste 
  • Create packaging schedules based on in stock and planned production orders


  • Manage operations from the floor with live, interactive dashboards on any device instead of spreadsheets or clipboards 
    • Input production data in real time 
    • View and schedule production orders, tank utilization, and tank status 
    • Process packaging orders
  • Improve data accuracy, improve production quality, streamline process efficiency, and keep back office and shop floor teams in sync


Rely on Vision33


Streamline & Scale Operations

Streamline daily operations to close efficiency gaps within and across teams.

  • Digitise, automate, and track processes, workflows, and data and streamline the production process from concept to can
  • Manage, track, and perform accounting and financial functions like cash flow management, purchasing, and invoicing
  • Integrate with the tools and apps you already use thanks to Saltbox, only from Vision33
Streamline & Scale Operations with Brutos Brewery Management Software
Improve Decision Making with Brutos Brewery Management Software


Improve Decision-Making

Centralised data, interactive dashboards, and real-time reports eliminate data silos and provide 360-degree visibility into financial and operational health.

  • Monitor critical metrics, such as inventory levels, production costs, and profit margins, in real-time with KPI dashboards, rules, and alerts
  • Easily capture, track, and report critical tax, quality control, and traceability data to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies
  • Automatically identify and record taxable transactions and ullages to quickly calculate what you owe and then generate TTB, EX46, or other required reports


Adapt to Market Changes

With data at your fingertips, you can quickly adapt to changing market demands and maintain your competitive edge.

  • Quickly create new brands, add new beverage categories, or add contract manufacturing services to diversify your portfolio
  • Improve regulatory compliance and traceability
  • Gain a competitive advantage by moving beyond manual spreadsheets and paperwork
Adapt to Market Changes with Brutos Brewery Management Software
Grow in the Cloud with Brutos Brewery Management Software


Grow in the Cloud

Hosted in our highly secure AWS environment, your public or private cloud solution is managed and maintained by our cloud and security experts.

  • Scale up or down as your business grows or during busy seasons
  • Securely access your data from anywhere and enable your team to work from the road, office, or facility
  • Get back to doing what you do best: running your business

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Northern Monk



"Replacing O'Beer with Brutos is one of the best decisions we've ever made. Not only does Brutos work as it's supposed to, but we are doing so much more with our system than before."

Julie Wigley, COO

Northern Monk
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Northern Monk Raises a Pint to the Future With Brutos


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brutos?

Brutos by Vision33 is a cloud-based, all-in-one beverage management solution for brewers and distillers who want to scale and centralise business operations. It delivers 360-degree visibility, unrivaled efficiency, and complete control over your business.

Brutos brings critical beverage management and back-office functions—like production, brand management, inventory, and finance—into an easy-to-use cloud-based solution with anytime, anywhere access.

Brutos harnesses the power of SAP Business One, a best-in-class business management solution trusted by growing businesses worldwide.

How is Brutos different from other software?

Brutos is designed specifically for beverage manufacturers and distributors. It centralises all core functions of your business on a single platform, uniting your team for unbeatable efficiency. And it’s powered by SAP Business One. With business data at your fingertips, you’ll be primed to drive growth and scale effortlessly.

Who is Brutos for?

Brutos is for small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors of beer, spirits, cider, non-alcoholic, and ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. It’s also for companies that provide contract services to the beverage industry.

Is Brutos cloud-based?

Yes, Brutos is powered in the cloud by AWS. That means costly server upgrades, security threats, and administration are things of the past. Hosted in our highly secure AWS environment, your public or private cloud solution is managed and maintained by our cloud and security experts so you can get back to brewing.

Why should I choose Brutos by Vision33?

Vision33 has partnered with over 30 brewers and distillers to optimise operations and drive growth through technology. We take the time to understand how your business operates and deliver solutions that move you forwards. Brutos is rooted in deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience, giving it a powerful advantage over other solutions.

Does Vision33 provide ongoing support?

In addition to expert guidance during implementation, you’ll gain access to thorough training programmes, our knowledgeable, responsive product support team, and a library of on-demand resources. 

Which industries does Vision33 have experience with?

With 1,500+ active customers around the world, Vision33 has helped hundreds of organisations across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, professional services, subscription/SaaS, food & beverage, brewery & distillery, life sciences, industrial machinery & components, high-tech electronics, not-for-profit, government, and more.

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Awards & Recognition

Inc5000 Award Bob Scotts Top 100 Award SAP Partner Excellence Award Platinum Club Sage Award G2 Badge SAP Pinnacle Award VAR 100 Award

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Make Vision33 your partner for success.