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  • International growth outpaced existing software 
  • Needed financial processes with scalable solutions to make the workforce more productive and efficient

Why iDocuments

  • Ability to streamline and automate purchase invoices, sales invoices, and expenses 
  • Anytime, anywhere access via web and mobile application


  • Time-to-resolution shrank tenfold 
  • Processes are 20 times more efficient 
  • Six years of problems were resolved in the first six months 
  • Support calls dropped from 20 per week to one per month 
  • 130 business units easily process a massive volume of invoices and expenses

With auditors showing reliance on the system, my job becomes much easier. It’s running great. Everyone’s happy with it. So yes, this has been a real positive change to that effect

Daniel Brook, Head of Systems Accounting - Amber Infrastructure Group

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