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  • Time-consuming, manual process for fulfiling orders 
  • Tedious procedure for submitting paperwork to government funding program for patients 
  • On-premises server had reached maturity 
  • Security concerns regarding sensitive patient information

Why SAP Business One

  • Ability to customise files for fast upload to government website  
  • Significant improvement in productivity 
  • Invoice automation for an improved customer experience 
  • Migration to the cloud for enhanced data security 


  • Digital transformation enabled the company to become more resilient during challenging times  
  • Elimination of manual processes saves time and allows employees to focus on the bigger picture 
  • Automation helped overcome complex government processes, resulting in customers receiving products faster 

With SAP and the right technology, it now takes me literally two minutes to process claims whether there are 1,000 claims or 10,000 claims. It’s a fraction of the time of what anybody else can do, and I don’t have overhead from extra personnel. That’s primarily why I chose SAP

Craig Bean, Owner - CB Medical

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