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  • Oracle Financials was hosted by a third-party organisation, and its age made upgrades/updates difficult 
  • A weak connection between Oracle Financials and Microsoft applications required time-consuming, error-prone workarounds 
  • The company preferred a cloud-based solution 

Why SAP Business ByDesign

  • Modern, cost-competitive cloud solution with a fast implementation 
  • No IT involvement was necessary 
  • Quarterly updates run behind the scenes without disrupting operations 


  • Native connectivity with Excel makes managing data and reporting fast and easy 
  • Flexibility allows a customised chart of accounts 
  • Easy to access and use from any device

What used to take half a minute per scan now happens in just milliseconds. Apply that time savings to a couple hundred invoices in a day, and you’ve got some serious productivity gain

Kevin Kerrigan, CFO - Cognition Financial

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