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  • Manual data entry into multiple spreadsheets increased the potential for data entry errors.
  • Legacy system was unable to keep up with business’ need for process sophistication.
  • Inventory management issues due to a lack of stable scanning for over 1,000 SKUs.

Why SAP Business One

  • Fully integrated system with MRP, stable scanning, and access to business intelligence.
  • Robust management solution that scales with the business.
  • Reduces paperwork and potential for costly data entry errors.


  • Customisable real-time reporting and controls ensure manufacturing processes flow smoothly.
  • Improved tracking of customer orders throughout the system.
  • Efficient inventory management of SKUs resulting in a 99% fill rate.

I don't think there's anybody in our company that would say ‘SAP Business One isn’t a better system.’ Everyone has seen how SAP Business One can help them in doing their job

Steve Badger, Chief Financial Officer/ Vice President, Operations - Fit Foods

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