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  • Manual processes and data entry increase the risk for human error.
  • Disparate systems result in disconnected business processes and lack of integration throughout the company.
  • Difficulty ensuring the right amount of inventory for production requirements.

Why SAP Business One

  • Support for all core business processes in a single integrated solution.
  • Scalable solution for future growth with additional functionalities.
  • Trusted midmarket solution from financial systems leader, SAP.


  • Access to accurate and up-to-date information across the company for informed decision making.
  • 66% reduction in reconciliation time and 45% reduction in time to develop reports.
  • Improved order cycle time, cash flow, and freed resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

Prospects and customers know we have the proper workflows and controls in place because we’re running SAP Business One

Philip Odette, Chief Operating Officer - Integris Solutions

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