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  • Lack of processes and tools to manage growing number of sales orders
  • Limited visibility into inventory and in-house production
  • Need for better control over operations from sales and inventory to production

Why SAP Business One

  • SAP Business One for full visibility and reporting into all areas of the business
  • Sales functionality to streamline the sales order process and enable them to handle more sales orders
  • A single, integrated system to provide efficient management of in-house production and inventory


  • 10% growth in sales, 5-10% increase in order accuracy rates, and doubled the number of orders processed
  • More efficient sales ordering process leading to an increased number of orders processed daily
  • Ability to identify and manage revenue opportunities with advanced CRM



SAP Business One is such a robust system. While it runs our daily operations, we can focus more of our time and energy on other areas of the business such as production, sales and purchasing

Gina Flinchbaugh, General Manager - Kenmore Label and Tag

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