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  • Rapid growth resulted in large amounts of data to input and manage 
  • Changing the chart of accounts was time-consuming and error-prone 
  • No integration meant making changes in multiple databases  

Why SAP Business One and Vision33 Saltbox

  • Includes a pre-built SAP Business One integration  
  • Immediately identifies changes made to a master database and automatically updates up to 20 relevant databases


  • Updating the chart of accounts went from 60 minutes to 5 minutes  
  • High data accuracy and quality business process design  
  • Reports and inter-company transactions work 100% of the time  

It sounded like just the thing we needed. Saltbox had a pre-built integration that would let us make a change in one place and have it automatically appear in all 20 databases

Lisa Lam, Director of Finance - Mikisew Group of Companies

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