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Automate the processing of expense claims, from submission to payout.

Processing expense claims isn’t hard, but it is tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. By automating the expense management process, you will:

  1. Control spending – Prevent unauthorised or excessive spending with automated checks and balances. 
  2. Drive compliance – Take the guesswork out of adhering to corporate expense policies.
  3. Reduce administration time – Streamline and accelerate the expense management process.


Vision33’s iDocuments Expense Management app automates submitting, validating, approving, and paying expense claims for growing companies. 

Vision33 will work with your team—either in-house or third party—to transform your expense management process. Every customer engagement is supported by our integration and automation experts, who make it their mission to deliver measurable ROI. We’ve helped thousands of businesses—let us help you too.