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About iDocuments

Automation Solutions for Purchasing, Expenses, and Sales Orders

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iDocuments is a suite of three intuitive SaaS applications

iDocuments is a suite of three intuitive SaaS applications that empower growing companies to automate labour-intensive business processes:                    

iDocuments integrates seamlessly with a broad range of ERP and accounting systems. Powered by Saltbox, iDocuments is available only from Vision33.


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Automate Your Purchase-to-Pay Process

The purchase of goods and services is one of the largest expenses companies face. Automating the P2P process from end to end changes that.

  • Process purchasing transactions faster and more accurately by electronically capturing purchasing requests, validating budget availability, and automating approvals
  • Control spending by staying on budget, adhering to vendor payment terms, and complying with corporate guidelines
  • Increase transparency by giving stakeholders self-service access to purchasing trends, transaction status, and KPI performance so that they can efficiently run their businesses

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Automate Your Purchase-to-Pay Process with iDocuments
Automate Expense Processing with iDocuments


Automate Expense Processing

On average, companies spend 10% of their corporate budget on employee and travel expenses.

  • Control business and travel spending by preventing unauthorised or excessive spending with automated checks and balances
  • Drive compliance by taking the guesswork out of adhering to corporate expense policies
  • Reduce claim processing time by eliminating spreadsheets, paper recipes, and data re-entry



Stop Processing Sales Orders Manually

Inbound sales orders are the lifeblood of every company, but correctly processing them takes a great deal of time and attention to detail. iDocuments can help.

  • Accelerate order processing and accuracy; with customer satisfaction on the line, accuracy and speed matter
  • Increase profitability by enforcing standard order management practices (e.g., discounting limits) and eliminating costly mistakes that leave customers dissatisfied
  • Free up sales to sell more by eliminating administrative work that slows teams down
Stop Processing Sales Orders Manually with iDocuments
Automations, Configured for You with iDocuments


Automations, Configured for You

The powerful iDocuments workflow engine allows you to build processes and create conditional workflows that accommodate and support your business’s unique needs, from validating compliance with business rules to approvals and exception-handling.

  • Turn your existing ERP or accounting system into a workhorse
  • Customise workflows, alerts, and more to best align with your processes, policies, and systems
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to intelligently transform hours of tedious, repetitive tasks into smart, rule-based workflows

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is iDocuments powered by?

iDocuments is powered by Vision33’s Saltbox. Robust Saltbox workflows drive the automations that make functionality within the iDocuments suite possible.

What does iDocuments integrate with?

Powered by Saltbox, iDocuments can be seamlessly integrated with many ERP and financial management solutions, including SAP Business One, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Exchequer, Infor SunSystems, and more.

Does Vision33 provide ongoing support?

In addition to expert guidance during implementation, you’ll gain access to thorough training programmes, our knowledgeable, responsive product support team, and a library of on-demand resources.

Which industries does Vision33 have experience with?

With 1,500+ active customers around the world, Vision33 has helped hundreds of organisations across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, professional services, subscription/SaaS, food & beverage, brewery & distillery, life sciences, industrial machinery & components, high-tech electronics, not-for-profit, government, and more.

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Awards & Recognition

Inc5000 Award Bob Scotts Top 100 Award SAP Partner Excellence Award Platinum Club Sage Award G2 Badge SAP Pinnacle Award VAR 100 Award

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Make Vision33 your partner for success.