Our Vision

Delivering on the promise of technology is a key driver to Vision33’s success in helping hundreds of growing companies gain real insight into their business processes. We believe in providing real value to our customers and making sure they have the right solution to meet their specific business goals.




Tony Whalen


Tony is the President and Founder of Vision33. Vision33 is a leading global IT professional services consultancy with offices throughout the US, Canada and Europe. Tony brings more than 25 years of technology industry leadership, software and executive management expertise. His laser focus on customers, technology innovation, global team building, and delivery has led to exceptional and consistent company growth worldwide. As CEO, he has successfully built an international IT organisation over the last 25 years that consistently delivers value and results by aligning technology with business goals and objectives.


Alex Rooney

Vice President, SAP Solutions, United States

As Vice President of SAP Solutions in the US, Alex optimises customer experience, drives sales and results and develops strategic partnerships globally. He currently sits on the prestigious Global Partner Executive Council (GPEC) for SAP. Alex co-founded Vision33 in 2004, and is instrumental in managing the SAP partnership.


Pamela Hollett 

Vice President, Corporate Services

Pamela Hollett is the Vice President, Corporate Services. Throughout her career in the IT industry, Pam has been instrumental in ensuring the company maintains a high performing culture and infrastructure that focuses on best supporting our customers. She manages planning and performance management, capital management, strategic acquisitions, customer support and overall operations.


Gerard Duggan

Vice President, eGovernment & Enterprise 

Gerard Duggan is the Vice President of eGovernment & Enterprise, Vision33. He is a proven leader with over 20 years of experience managing IT services for large enterprises (LE). His drive and expertise has enabled him to successfully work with early adopters on complex initiatives, while managing business development processes and a multi-skilled team.

Neil Finegold

Neil Feingold

Vice President, SAP Solutions, Europe

As the Vice President of SAP Solutions in Europe, Neil is responsible for driving growth and profitability across Vision33’s European business. Based in London, Neil works in tandem with the European account managers and delivery teams to ensure that each project is timely and in line with client’s specific business needs.

Gopal Viswanathan.jpg

Gopal Viswanathan

Vice President, Innovations, Cloud & Client Care 

Gopal Viswanathan is the Vice President of Innovations, Cloud & Client Care. Gopal has 18 years’ experience in software development and data analytics and over 10 years’ experience in architecture, product management, professional services, and client and change management. With extensive experience in AWS, Gopal leads Vision33’s Cloud offering and ensures exceptional customer experiences.


Gerald Murphy

Gerald Murphy

Vice President, Service Excellence 

Gerald Murphy is Vice President of Service Excellence at Vision33 and an accomplished leader who ensures that Vision33’s customer experience is highlighted by exceptional professionalism. With over 25 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, Gerald has provided leadership of teams for diverse organisations across the globe.



Scott McMahon

Vice President, Special Projects

Scott is the VP of Special Projects and Key Initiatives at Vision33. Based out of San Francisco, Scott joined Vision33 in 2010 to establish the strategic direction and lead Vision33's core businesses in Northwest USA. Scott has a strong background in business and accounting, and has over 20 years of experience delivering successful ERP implementations under his belt.



Management Team 

SAP Solutions

eGovernment & Enterprise


SteveAiroldi Steven Airoldi 
General Manager
Southeast Region
Vision33 USA
Jeff  Jeff Denes
General Manager
Southwest Region
Vision33 USA
Danny_Gilmore Danny Gilmore 
General Manager
Central Region
Vision33 USA
SteveRafac (1)
Stephen Rafac 
General Manager
Midwest and Northeast Region
Vision33 USA


Jasper Jasper Harlaar  
General Manager
Central Canada Region
Vision33 Canada
Peter vanLeeuwen Peter van Leeuwen 
General Manager
British Columbia Region
Vision33 Canada
Yves_Neron Yves Neron 
General Manager
Quebec Region
Vision33 Canada


MarkHughes Ben Crow 
General Manager
Vision33 Ireland

susan-martyn-headshots-7 Susan Martyn
General Manager
Vision33 Canada
Derek Porter Derek Porter
General Manager

The Vision33 Team

Here at Vision33, we look for passionate people who are self-motivated and client-focused. Vision33 provides exceptional customer service and personalised business solutions. We want people who thrive on challenge and enjoy working on a diverse team with companies of all sizes and industries.

Working at Vision33 is rewarding for both employees and customers. We create long-term solutions for our customers by collaborating with fellow Vision33 employees – across diverse backgrounds, learning the ins and outs of each customer’s unique business, and building a foundation for their custom business requirements.

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"What’s unique about Vision33's approach is that we don't simply implement software. Our consultants develop a detailed understanding of each customer's business and educate the customer on how to use technology as a continued foundation for their business requirements. This provides a rewarding experience and ensures customers get the most value from their investment."

- Alex Rooney