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iDocuments is a browser-based solution that that frees your team from manual, tedious tasks and allows your business to focus on innovation and growth. Purchasing, AP invoice, expenses, sales and self-service HR solutions give you total control of and complete visibility into your entire operations. Best of all, iDocuments is intuitive and easy to use, requiring little if any training. 

iDocuments simplifies, streamlines and automates daily business activities, but it involves a lot of data – and you may need to move that data into other mission-critical business applications. That’s where things can get complicated. 

Use Saltbox to Connect ADP Workforce Now to additional government software

Saltbox is the answer. The options for connectivity between iDocuments and other mission-critical business applications are endless with the Saltbox Platform. Vision33 can even leverage the Saltbox Platform to create custom endpoint connections for your unique business application.

Contact Vision33 to learn more about making the Saltbox connection today.

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