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Manage All Your Locations With One System

As a company expands across the globe, there's a high cost of maintaining non-integrated solutions and they can be difficult to manage. By using SAP Business One as part of a multi-tier software strategy, large enterprises (LEs) running SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) can easily and quickly integrate their subsidiaries. 

As LEs roll out new offices and operations worldwide, SAP Business One provides the corporate standardisation and control needed to get these offices up and running quickly while integrating with their larger SAP ERP system for a consistent worldwide platform.

Contrary to popular misconception, SAP Business One is not a scaled-down version of the larger SAP products   it's designed to be affordable and expand to your company needs as you continue to grow.


SAP Business One Global Footprint Kit

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SAP Business One for Subsidiary Operations

SAP Business One is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for growth-focused businesses as well as subsidiaries and suppliers worldwide. The application’s core solution is flexible and scalable to support expansion and allow for future growth and innovation. With over 41 localisations and more than 500 pre-integrated, industry-specific, and horizontal solutions available, SAP Business One provides the best of both worlds – corporate standardisation and control with local responsiveness.


All essential business functions (accounting, CRM, operations, sales, marketing, service, warehousing, and more) are available out of the box, ensuring the necessary control to run end-to-end business processes professionally.


Offered via mobile devices and providing real-time data insight, businesses get access to ground-breaking technologies.


All business functions come in one package, which makes them easy to set up, optimise, and use. Integration with other systems is simple and possible via certified standard integration packages or open APIs.


The flexibility of SAP Business One allows for future growth, expansion, and innovation. Used in over 100 countries and 28 languages, SAP Business One offers an application with a single code base to meet legal and language requirements of countries around the world.

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