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Get your ERP services up and running quickly with our expert consultants.

Vision33 believes the most effective implementation approach is partnering with our customers. Our projects follow a formal methodology that uses industry best practices and our long-standing experience to minimise risk and ensure success. We strive to understand your business to help you get the most value from your ERP technology.

A lead consultant manages the four major project stages to ensure consistent communication and collaboration. Below is a high-level overview of our project approach, which includes guiding you through implementing your ERP solution and supporting you after go-live with our TOTAL Care support program.

From project governance and leadership to scope and schedule management, our quality project management process contributes significantly to our high customer satisfaction rate.


Vision33’s consultants provide a wealth of experience and knowledge that ensure project outcomes meet requirements and best practices are applied from the pre-sales stage through implementation and post-project analysis.

Blueprint sessions include:

  1. Strategy development and execution
  2. Diagnostics and identifying business improvement opportunities
  3. Discovery and health-check services
  4. Program and project management
  5. Change management
  6. Post-implementation reviews
  7. Risk management
  8. Performance analytics
  9. Data migration

Closeup of young man in glasses with beard making blueprints on computer

Depending on your company readiness, Vision33 may suggest a blueprinting project before finalising your solution. Click here to read more information about our blueprinting engagements. 

Step 1: Build

After the blueprint phase, we build the solution per the documented business requirements, including:

  1. Installing and configuring the application
  2. Managing data migration
  3. Handling hardware upgrades, equipment, and installation
  4. Designing and fulfilling connectivity

Step 2: Implement

Vision33 assists in transitioning from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to a successful live operation. We perform software configuration and facilitate flexible user training sessions (online or onsite), so you can harness the full potential of your ERP solution.

Vision33’s baseline implementation and training sessions include:

  1. Financials and inventory
  2. Data imports
  3. Queries and reports
  4. Administration and advanced features
  5. Sales and purchasing

More advanced implementations that involve custom add-ons or integrations are scoped out during project planning.

Step 3: Sustain

A live system isn’t the end of your journey—it’s the beginning of new possibilities for your business. Vision33 provides full support beyond implementation so you can maximise your ERP’s value.

Our experienced TOTAL Care support team takes a hands-on approach to empower you to understand your ERP system and make it your own. We also offer training and development opportunities so you can be self-sufficient and get the most from your system.

Learn more about TOTAL Care.